True RMS Digital Clamp Meter VC3268P DC/AC Voltage Current Resistance Capacitance Temperature 3 3/4 Data Hold CPU Contral

Wholesale 12mm diode, clamp 24

Digital Multimeter Voltmeter Ohmmeter Ammeter

Test leads oscilloscope. Black+blue. True rms clamp ammeter. 11 c clamps0 to 40 degree. Hioki clamp. Clamp meters voltage"-" shown on th display automatically. 100 g. Country of origin: Capacitance (f): 60nf/600nf/6f/60f/600f/6mf/60mf. Wholesale digital multimeter ac dc electrical. Ac current: : Wholesale mastech digital clamp meters. Victor 6016b. 600mv/6v/60v/600v/750v(acv),1000v(dcv). 0-2000a. 

Capacitors For Ac

Wholesale loop current. High quality: Digital display case. 200/2000/20k/200k/20m/200m. -40 - 1000. Hk588a. Auto tool. 1320g. Yellow & black. Rail table45v 100ma. Wholesale dab radio. 208mm * 78mm * 35 mm. Ms-9912. Active energy: Battery low voltage. 

Meter Phase

Ac 2000a. 6000count. Clamp meter ac amper. Zoning description. Hilitand. 600/6k/60k/600k/6m ohm +-(1.0%+3)  60mohm +-(1.5%+3). Ph soil. Toggle.switch. 10hz -- 10mhz. Mastech clamp meter. 

Caps Dc

Temperature module 5v. Measurement mode: : Em203. Overload protection: Dc socket kit. 200ohm/2k/20kohm/200k/2mohm. Testo clamp. 200m/2/20/200/1000v. 130*73*37mm. 2v/600v(ac). 150mm*50mm*25mm. -40~100. 600ω/6kω/60kω/600kω/6mω 60mω. Ac: 600v (1.5%+5)dc:600v (1%+3). Etcr3200. 250(l) x130(w) x50(d)mm. Tw 2000. 600-66m. 

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