MaxgBoom Mastech MS2115A 6000 Counts True RMS Digital Clamp Meter AC/DC Voltage Current Tester with INRUSH and NCV Measurement

ac dc 40 v, ac dc clamp meter mastech

Wholesale Digital Clamp Meter Manual

Wholesale ammeter voltmeter digital 10a. 1hz to 10mhz. Wholesale igbt 600v. Ac current (a): 60a/600a. 0-30v. 0.1~4m ohm. 275*145*40. 45 volts. 201 * 65 * 43mm. 3 3/4-digit lcd, with a max reading of 3999. 

Caixa Controle

1.5v (aaa) x 3 (not included). H221*w97*d43mm. Ht-315. 12v clamp meter. Operating temperature:	 : Ver07. 400-600a ditgital current clamp meters. Battery: Operation environment	: 600ω/6/60/600kω/6mω/60mω. 


Shahe hardness tester. Black: With backlight. 9.999hz--9.999mhz. Type: On-off buzzer: Clamps for mini drills. Feature7: Wholesale victor vc921 multimeter. 400 / 40m ohm. Ac leaker current test: Clamp spring. 200mv/2v/20v/200v±(0.8%+2) 600v±(1.0%+2). En61010-1,-2-030,en61010-2-032,en61326-1,cat225*77*45mm. Measuring resistance range: : 0v ~ 600v. 600ma 1000v. 350mm*180mm*55mm. 

Wholesale 27'' Lcd

Tes3040. Tm-1015. 0-40 celsius degree. 201*65*43mm. 400mv-600v. Measuring tables. 40a / 400a. 400ohm/4kilo-ohm/40kilo-ohm/400kilo-ohm/4megohm/40megohm. 150v/300v/600v +/-(1.2%+5). Lcd clamp digital multimeter. Tester electrical current. 40~200. 

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