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It’s history is intriguing. The Imo, a Norwegian ship, was behind schedule and in a hurry to leave. The Mont-Blanc, a French munitions ship, had arrived from New York the day before but was held back having arrived too late to pass through the submarine nets. Allowed through the next morning, the Mont Blanc was not flying the mandated red flag to identify it was carrying highly combustible materials: In those days ships in the inner harbour were known to sometimes pass each other on the wrong side.

Of course had the Imo known what deadly cargo the Mont Blanc was carrying it is unlikely it would have pressed to pass the Mont Blanc on the wrong side even though the Mont Blanc had signalled back that it was not changing course.

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Much of the city’s growth happened during the medieval era, and the 13th and 14th century buildings, walls, and plentiful infrastructure are all very well-preserved, so much so that Tallinn has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you live in this timeless city, you are already surrounded by the air of romance. All you need do to meet the next love of your life is immerse yourself in the city’s happenings, and frequent places where you’re likely to meet women who share your interests and passions.

If your passions include history, you should spend some time at The Estonian History Museum. You could take a walk through the many exhibits, and initiate conversation with other museum-goers who catch your eye. This museum has a plethora of exhibits, chronicling thousands of years of Estonian history. You can learn about everything from the very first Estonian settlements, to life in the Middle Ages, to the Soviet Occupation of Estonia, and the country’s eventual fight for independence and gaining sovereignty.

For even more chances to meet single women, you could take one of the museum’s guided tours. Art lovers may prefer to check out The Art Museum of Estonia. Much like the aforementioned history museum, many of the exhibits here are dedicated to the medieval era. However, this museum also houses contemporary works. This is a great place to visit for anyone with any interest in art, because it has such a variety of time periods and styles on display.

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The German Livonian Brothers of the Sword , who had previously subjugated Livonians , Latgalians , and Selonians , started campaigning against the Estonians in , and over next few years both sides made numerous raids and counter-raids. A major leader of the Estonian resistance was Lembitu , an elder of Sakala County , but in the Estonians suffered a significant defeat in the Battle of St. Matthew’s Day , where Lembitu was killed. In , a major revolt ejected the Germans and Danes from the whole of Estonia, except Reval , but the crusaders soon resumed their offensive, and in , Saaremaa was the last county to surrender.

In , after suffering a major defeat , the Sword Brothers merged into the Teutonic Order becoming the Livonian Order. In , a major rebellion started, known as the St.

Digital Tallinn (Estonia) – city guide offering a brief description of the city, photo tour, works of Estonian artists and an intercative virtual tour (QTVR) of the Old Town. CityCam shows a realtime video feed. In , Tallinn takes on its role as European Capital of Culture, giving the city a chance to showcase the best of its creative spirit to the rest of the world.

Novgorodian prince Vyachko died in with all his druzhina defending the fortress of Tarbatu together with his Ugaunian and Sackalian allies against the Livonian Order led by Albert of Riga. Orthodox churches and small communities of proto-Russian merchants and craftsmen remained in Livonian towns as did close trade links with the Novgorod Republic and the Pskov and Polotsk principalities.

In , Ivan III of Russia laid siege to the castle of Fellin Viljandi and briefly captured several towns in eastern Livonia in response to a previous attack on Pskov. Tsar Alexis I of Russia once again captured towns in eastern Livonia, including Dorpat Tartu and Nyslott Vasknarva between and , but had to yield his conquests to Sweden. Under Russian rule, power in the region remained primarily in the hands of the Baltic German nobility, but a limited number of administrative jobs was gradually taken over by Russians, who settled in Reval Tallinn and other major towns.

A relatively larger number of ethnic Russian workers settled in Tallinn and Narva during the period of rapid industrial development at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. After the First World War , the share of ethnic Russians in the population of independent Estonia was 7. After the Occupation and annexation of the Baltic states by the Soviet Union in , [13] [14] repression of ethnic Estonians followed.

According to Sergei Isakov, almost all societies, newspapers, organizations of ethnic Estonians were closed in and their activists persecuted. During the era of Soviet occupation, the Soviet government maintained a program of replacing the indigenous Estonians with immigrants from the Soviet Union.

ALL BALTICS 2017 – Lithuania – Latvia – Estonia, 11 days

Print this map When the ice from the last glacial era melted away, the exposed lands here turned green and fertile, wildlife returned in large numbers, and early man arrived to hunt for food in a land now known as Estonia. The exact origin of the name Estonia is still disputed, however, the oldest known settlement in Estonia is the Pulli settlement, which according to radiocarbon dating was settled around 11, years ago. Following the cultural changes of the Bronze Age and Iron Age, and the land grabs and turmoil of the Middle Ages, Estonia entered into a long period of total Swedish control, beginning in The population expanded into the mid th century until the European Plague and a devastating famine came calling.

Death was on every corner and Estonia’s population was decimated.

Explore Tallinn holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | No longer the plaything of greater powers – Danish, Swedish, Polish, German and Soviet – Tallinn is now a proud European capital with an allure all its own. It’s lively yet peaceful, absurdly photogenic and bursting with wonderful sights – ancient churches, medieval streetscapes and noble merchants’ houses.

We were asked to propose for a roof-top extension within strict height and insolation regulation. A building of former Estonian jersey producer Marat was turned into an office building in Since the refurbishment project presented massiveness of the former factory building, we tried to comment by bringing contrast in terms of volume, articulation and choice of material. Riga Passenger Terminal Riia Reisijate Terminal , Urban planning concept The planning of the area is based on organisation of logistics, while creating open public spaces with different qualities.

Plaza at Andrejosta Bay at the south end is main meeting point of the area, a market place and picnic ground along the hustle of terminal passengers and vehicles moving both on water and on ground. Urban planning concept The planning of the area is based on organisation of logistics, while creating open public spaces with different qualities. There are series of public spaces of different qualities and for different activities in the adjacent Daugava bank area.

All the squares represent different functions and use, the character is easily distinguished with different materials, colours and structure: Terminal building The Terminal is a relatively simple volume 28m wide and m long, conceived as an extension of the promenade.

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You’ve probably heard of it in passing, but never considered it as a place to find your future girlfriend or wife You see, while most guys are booking flights to visit Poland, Russia and Ukraine, very few are taking the time to check out the supermodel-quality women of Estonia. Western guys do visit Estonia to hook up with beautiful women, but there’s not nearly as many of them in and around Tallinn, for example as there are in other parts of Eastern Europe.

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Russia had long-contested Swedish control over this land along the Baltic Sea, and from the Great Northern War the end Russia was the victor and Estonia was now in their hands. And like all peoples put under the thumb of a foreign power, nationalism was on the front burner as Estonia began to develop its own identity, including its language and cultural traditions.

At that time the country was covered with forests, and people lived in semi-nomadic communities near bodies of water. Subsistence activities consisted of hunting, gathering and fishing. Several Scandinavian sagas referred to major confrontations with Estonians, notably when Estonians defeated and killed the Swedish king Ingvar. In Yaroslav the Wise defeated Estonians and established a fort in modern-day Tartu ; this foothold lasted until an Estonian tribe, the Sosols, destroyed it in , followed by their raid on Pskov.

Two larger subdivisions appeared: A parish was led by elders and centred around a hill fort; in some rare cases a parish had multiple forts.

History of the Jews in Estonia

Page Content Summary Exercise normal safety precautions in Estonia. Look out for suspicious behaviour, as you would in Australia. Monitor the media and other sources of information for changes to local travelling conditions. There is an ongoing threat of terrorism in Europe. Terrorist attacks have occurred in a number of European cities.

Cultural life Cultural milieu. Because Estonia sits along the divide of western and eastern Europe—looking west, across the Baltic, toward Sweden, and east, across Lake Peipus, to Russia—it has long been influenced by both of those cultural ionally, northern Estonia, especially Tallinn, has been more open to outside influences (including Germanic Christianity, the.

The guide was really interesting and the place we visited absolutely fantastic. It was one of the best trips ever because as we drove Liine gave us a history lesson that was so wonderful and clear and interesting that even the teenagers were enthralled. Suddenly we were no longer just in a bus, we were part of the crusades or part of the war. I would have gladly turned around and done the trip once more that same day.

Thank you so much Liine and your wonderful company, I can not recommend you highly enough. Maria is the perfect guide, she knows a lot about Tallinn and can even tell some funny stories. We can recommend a guided tour through Tallinn with her! She was so knowledgeable and humorous. A lot of things that we learned from part of her research and we couldn’t find them in books.

It was really worth talking this tour. Hats off to Heli. This proved the point when saw the number of visitors who joined the tour yesterday.

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Since prostitution is a sensitive indicator that develops with changes in the social environment and the state, it is useful to divide the history of this phenomenon from Estonia ‘s first independence according to the different historical stages of the country. Don’t make the situation worse by not protecting yourself and others.

Finnish porn magazines, for example, carry detailed articles about Estonian brothels , telephone numbers and prices.

Summary. Exercise normal safety precautions in Estonia. Exercise common sense. Look out for suspicious behaviour, as you would in Australia. Monitor the media and other sources of information for changes to local travelling conditions.

The line starts at Viru Square, which is the starting point for all lines, and takes you up Toompea Hill, where the rulers of Estonia have been based since the beginning of time. On the hill stands Toompea Castle, which is rather young at just years of age. The Estonian parliament or Riigikogu still runs our country from here. You will also see the ancient, year-old castle next to that belonged to the German Order, and its tower, which is called Tall Hermann.

The flag flying on the tower tells you who rules Estonia. After our visit to Toompea we pass the vast Estonian National Library built at the end of the s, Freedom Square with its recently erected Victory monument, the headquarters of the Bank of Estonia where the Republic of Estonia was proclaimed on 24 February , and the Estonian National Opera, which will be celebrating its th anniversary this year and is one of the cornerstones of our national culture. The icing on the cake on this line is picturesque Kadriorg Park, which is the largest park in Tallinn and located close to a luxurious residential area with lovely wooden houses.

These homes are a couple of hundreds of years old and used to belong to the noblemen and rich merchants of the Russian Empire. When Peter I established a park in this valley, he dedicated it to his second wife, Catherine. The park’s name, Kadriorg or “Katariina’s Valley” originates from her name. In addition to the romantic park adorned with beautiful ponds, Peter I also established his summer residence there.

This is Eastern Europe’s most charming city – and the British are always welcome

Cultural life Cultural milieu Because Estonia sits along the divide of western and eastern Europe—looking west, across the Baltic, toward Sweden, and east, across Lake Peipus , to Russia—it has long been influenced by both of those cultural traditions. Traditionally, northern Estonia, especially Tallinn, has been more open to outside influences including Germanic Christianity , the Reformation , and Russification than has southern Estonia, which has been more insular and provincial.

Central to that heritage was the barn dwelling, a multipurpose farmhouse that has no real equivalent in other countries save for northern Latvia.

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You could look across the waters of the Gulf and see Helsinki to the north, Stockholm to the west and St. Petersburg to the east. And Estonians consider themselves a Nordic country — not a Slavic country.

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