How to Install a Car Amp

Car Audio Black Friday Sales! Even though speakers are active loads resistance changes with frequency , it is accepted to treat speakers as resistors with a fixed resistance value usually 4 ohms. By combining speakers in different ways, maximum amplifier output can be obtained. For example if a 2-channel amplifier is rated to deliver a maximum output of watts at 2 ohms mono bridged , then by hooking up two 4 ohm subwoofers in parallel, a total load of 2 ohms is “seen” by the amplifier, obtaining optimum power. Parallel Resistance People commonly hook up two or more speakers to the same channel out of an amplifier in parallel. This is achieved by hooking up the negative wire from the amp to all the negative connections of the speakers, and the positive to all the positive connections of the speakers. By doing this, the load seen by the amplifier is lower. For example, if two 4-ohm speakers are wired-up in parallel, then their total resistance will be half, or 2 ohms.


This will guide you through the process of installing subwoofers to an aftermarket CD player or stock in your car. Steps 1 The most cost effective first step is to buy an amplifier wiring kit off of an internet auction site, etc. This will come with a huge power wire, a short ground wire, a remote wire, and many times an inline fuse and various connectors to help keep the install organized and looking clean.

Installation and connect the negative then hook up the speaker outputs to lea michele dating installation instructions will not particularly easy, so there are .

It’s actually really simple, except for the one wire into the head unit wiring harness power line. Sorry I can’t be more help with that. Gave me a wake up call on just how dirty my engine bay is: Gonna try and get that washed and cleaned this weekend. If you have any more questions, feel free to post it or PM me. Thanks man Im2Fast4U , I’m pretty positive I didn’t have to buy anything other than the components and wiring kit.

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MTX Audio suggest this particular amplifier for these subwoofers for a reason. You always want to match your subwoofer and car amplifier accordingly to get the top performance from both the subwoofer and amplifier. This amplifier can put out a constant watt RMS which is the perfect amount of watts for these dual subwoofers.

How do i hook up car subwoofers in home Posted in date on Posted on by admin To make joining the wires easier, if a stereo does not fit there are may .

Low notes could sound much better Amp has been faulty for some Overall Assessment At the end of the day, the JBL GT-BassPro12 is a great little subwoofer, which will more than satisfy the majority of consumers. Infinity Basslink Watt, Dual Subwoofer System Review If you are looking for a product that includes everything you need to achieve great bass in your vehicle with no hassle, then you need to consider the Infinity Basslink.

This compact system has everything you need. It includes a round inch woofer, a round inch radiator, and a Watt amplifier. The whole thing can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, in any vehicle for your convenience. Dimensions This complete setup weighs in at The dimensions are 6.

How to hook up a car sub in a home theater

By using an old P. Steps 1 Gather up an amplifier or head unit that uses VAC, any home theater sub or low frequency speaker with a large RMS handle and a power inverter one that plugs into the cigarette light if possible. If there is a switch on the inverter you will also make sure it is in the on position. If the head unit powers up with out the inverter reading battery overload then you are fine to continue.

Pioneer Aftermarket Car Speakers for premium sound while on the go, choose from our champion PRS series, D-Series, A-Series, and G-Series in any size you need.

With a reputation for powerful sound at an affordable price, Audiobahn subwoofers are a good solution for sound hounds on a budget. When it comes to hooking up Audiobahn subwoofers, consumers should pay close attention to the proper wire connections, and then choose the best subwoofer box for their system. Following simple steps with the right tools and supplies, hooking up Audiobahn subwoofers is a fun and rewarding task that anyone can tackle. Gather Tools and Supplies The process of hooking up Audiobahn subwoofers requires some specific tools and supplies.

Other than the subwoofers, shoppers need a hex tool, speaker wire, and a wire stripper. Examples of wire strippers include: If necessary, locate the proper instruction materials on the Internet before starting. Locate the Terminals The first step to hooking up Audiobahn Subwoofers is to locate the terminals and understand their functions. Audiobahn subwoofers have terminals on the left and right sides, with each terminal side representing one voice coil.

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Trim panel removal tool Step 1: Installing the 12v Power Wire In your amplifier wiring kit, generally a red in color wire is the longest one, which is the 12v power wire. You need to pass the wire through the firewall. Start from the battery and pass on to the amplifier. However, do not connect the wire to the amplifier or battery yet.

How To Hook Up A 4 Channel Amp To Front And Rear Speakers. November 22nd, How To Hook Up A 4 Channel Amp To Front And Rear Speakers. Image Info File Name: How To Wire Car Speakers To Amp Diagram November 23, ; Samsung Excavator Wiring .

VIDEOS Advanced Speaker Wiring Techniques For the basic user simply hooking up a pair of speakers to a 2 channel amplifier is pretty straightforward, and doing so will never cause them any problems. But what if you need more speakers? Well things can get a little more complex. First off there are a couple of important things we need to know about the setup and hardware. We can look on the back of the speaker and see that each speaker has a 4 ohm impedeance.

Impedeance in short is a measurement of resistance in ohms the lower the ohm load the easier it is for electricity to flow through the load speakers. While it would seem that a lower ohm load is better because it’s easier for current to flow, this isn’t the case at all. If your combined ohm load on your amplifier is lower than the amplifier can handle it will cause your amplifier to rapidly overheat resulting in the amplifier shutting down or burning up.

However; less resistance does equal more power coming out of the amplifier so we have to find a balance point. Basic Parallel Wiring The most obvious way to connect 2 speakers per channel is to just twist the speaker leads together positive to positive, negative to negative then connect them to a single set of output terminals on the amplifier.

Wiring like this will result in a 2 ohm load at the amplifier, unless your amplifier specifies that it is 2 ohm stable wiring your speakers up this way will result in overheating and possibly damage to your amp. Whenever you wire speakers in parallel the impedance or ohm load is cut in half!

How do I hook up car subwoofers in my home?

Which Gauge is Best to Buy in Aftermarket Parts on October 7, Choosing a gauge for a stereo subwoofer is a complex decision as it all depends on what you trying to accomplish. A subwoofer is likely to need a heavier gauge of speaker cable because it demands the most from the amplifier. If you are driving a lot of power to make the stereo subwoofer hit hard, you should use the heaviest gauge of cable that you can afford to buy. The heavier gauge of wire can push more amps, and therefore it can push more watts, and watts are what make your stereo louder.

No sound system is complete without great bass. Luckily, with its 10” (mm) polycellulose woofer and watts of dynamic punch, the JBL Arena SUB P delivers tight, extended bass like a pro.

Does it make any difference if you hook up the wrong polarities on the speakers? Originally Posted by GMo They take the time to label the speaker terminals, so consumers connect all the speakers with the same polarity. In fact, most x-overs in car audio applications already have their polarities reversed to compensate for a misaligned phase, not to mention that inductance alone causes polarity changes. With that being said, I doubt your speakers are even in absolute phase, unless you have tested and corrected for phase delays I doubt you have , which only hard core audiophiles do, and IMO doesn’t make any audible difference.

And since a speaker vibrates many times a second, I don’t believe your ears, or anyones for that matter, can tell the difference between polarities, given that all speakers are wired in the same polarity. And the signal being reproduced isn’t meant to push a speaker one way or another, a speaker is linear and it’s only designed to push a speaker outwards when the driver reproduces the signal. Your right it is very difficult, though not impossible to tell the difference if all speakers are wired backwards.

I dont care to argue this point anymore, im not here to argue and bicker. Ive said my peace and so have you.

Adding subwoofers to your PA system

Unsubscribe The car amplifier doesn’t provide a signal to the sub I have the most perplexing of issues at hand, and I don’t know where else to turn to but here. My sister’s car — namely, the car’s sub amplifier — is giving me all sorts of sass. I’m trying to diagnose it from a world away she’s in Tennessee, I’m in California and it just does not want to work properly.

A bit of background: It powered on briefly the yellow LED on the amp itself turned on, but not the green LED on the subwoofer level controller , but turned off as soon as she hooked up to sub And then it never powered back on again.

Apr 14,  · The subwoofer is hooked up to the receiver with a single interconnect cable. Stereo receivers, pre-amps, and integrated amplifiers rarely have subwoofer output jacks or offer bass-management options.

Every car audio installer, indeed, every automotive professional, will always recommend this first step: You want to do this in order to avoid any possibility of a short circuit. Remember that on many late-model vehicles, you will need a “radio code” in order to reactivate the radio. Amplifier Location Presuming that your car or truck has an existing stereo sound system and that you are interested in installing one or two amplifiers as an upgrade, the next step will be to decide the mounting location for the amp.

Mount an amplifier less than three feet from the car’s radio or bolt it directly to the vehicle’s metal chassis, and you’ll hear a lot of annoying static, buzzing, and humming over your music. While mounting an amplifier in trunk or hatchback areas is usually a good idea, securing it in an upside-down position as seen here is not. To make sure heat can rise out of the amp and escape, make sure ventilated slats are facing up or to the side — not down.

Amplifiers have slotted cooling fins on their surface to release internal heat that builds up.

Subwoofer Connection Guide For A Multi Subwoofer System

Please consider disabling Ad Blocking on this site to enjoy the content. Audi Wiring Diagram Good day beloved reader. In search of fresh thoughts is one of the exciting actions but it can as well be annoyed whenever we can not have the expected plan.

The SoundWare XS Special Edition Home Theater Speaker System with five high-gloss ultra-compact speakers and a powerful subwoofer bring a new level of style to home theater.

JL f subwoofer backpanel ; Right Pic: This is the dedicated subwoofer output of the receiver that sends LFE info from discrete 5. There are several reasons for this: This is especially true if the crossover frequency of both the sub’s LPF and your receiver’s bass management are set to the same frequency. This is called cascading crossovers and should usually be avoided.

We recommend setting the phase switch to 0 degrees or positive. You can revisit this later to see if the degrees or negative setting sounds better in your system by having a friend flip the switch while you listen at the seated position to compare the two settings. Go into its bass management menu and set all speakers to “Small” and the crossover frequency to 80Hz.

This is a great starting point and a common configuration that works best for most systems. It’s also the THX recommendation for good reason, it works well. Make sure you also properly set channel distances when configuring your bass management. Editorial Note on two channel bass: Make sure you are aware of this else you won’t have adequate bass in such circumstances.

Calibrating your Sub Your subwoofer is properly placed and setup.

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Best car subwoofer for Ford Ranger Posted By: Each car have its own space limitation as well as unique properties that can affect how sound is projected and received. Where to put a subwoofer in a Ford Ranger Depending on the size of your subwoofer, there are two ideal places to install a sub in a Ford Ranger. If you are using a 10 inch subwoofer, then under the seat as shown in the image below is an ideal place.

Also remember that the gauges of the wire get thicker as the number gets smaller, so a 2 gauge cable is thicker than a 4 gauge cable; this is good to know when you set up your stereo subwoofers in your car.

Here are a few general tips to keep in mind as you plan your speaker installation. Types of installations After you identify your vehicle on our Vehicle Selector and select the mounting location, you’ll see which speakers fit your car. Speakers labelled “E-Z” will fit in the factory speaker openings and use the factory grilles and brackets. The magnet fits the available space and the tweeters won’t interfere with your grilles.

Other sizes — labelled “P” — fit with the aid of a mounting bracket free with speaker purchase , or with minor modifications such as drilling new screw holes, cutting a small area of metal or pressboard, or filing cardboard or plastic to make room for a speaker that is larger than the factory opening. Component speaker systems include separate woofers, tweeters, and crossovers.

Installing Amplifier and Subwoofer from Start to Finish [In 10 Minutes]