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A typical map from the Golden Age of Netherlandish cartography. Australasia during the Golden Age of Dutch exploration and discovery c. The island has been known by various names: The name Papua was used to refer to parts of the island before contact with the West. When the Portuguese and Spanish explorers arrived in the island via the Spice Islands , they also referred to the island as Papua. The Dutch, who arrived later under Jacob Le Maire and Willem Schouten , called it Schouten island, but later this name was used only to refer to islands off the north coast of Papua proper, the Schouten Islands or Biak Island. The name was promoted in by Marcus Kaisiepo, [1] brother of the future governor Frans Kaisiepo. It is taken from the Biak language of Biak Island , and means “to rise”, or “rising spirit”. Irian is the name used in the Biak language and other languages such as Serui, Merauke and Waropen.

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Vaccines A case of polio has been confirmed in Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, prompting fears that the outbreak could spread in a densely packed urban centre. This latest case brings the total number of children to have been diagnosed with the disease to The Papua New Guinea government declared a public health emergency in June after the first case of the disease emerged.

Prior to this outbreak the country’s last case of polio occurred in and the country was declared polio free in , along with the rest of the Pacific region. A nationwide polio campaign will commence on 1 October,” he said. Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. Vaccine-derived poliovirus is a weakened version of the virus used in the vaccine and it can cause outbreaks in countries whose populations are under immunised.

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A typical map from the Golden Age of Netherlandish cartography. Australasia during the Golden Age of Dutch exploration and discovery c. The island has been known by various names: The name Papua was used to refer to parts of the island before contact with the West. Whatever its origin, the name Papua came to be associated with this area, and more especially with Halmahera, which was known to the Portuguese by this name during the era of their colonization in this part of the world.

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The knife is commonly used during disputes and outbreaks of violence. So I got these two small ones [children] and we walked away. I was trying to leave the house, but he pulled my shirt and pulled me down. He punched me here and I fell on top of that small boy. Many have no choice but to return to an abusive home. Paula says the police gave her husband a warning, and he assaulted her again once they were home. Finally Paula escaped and contacted a family support centre and the police.

Her husband was arrested and Paula grabbed her children from the house. She is waiting for him to face court and for her relatives to raise enough money to fly her and the children to Port Moresby. Shelters are so few that facilities like the Lae refuge are nationally renowned. While the government has passed new laws against family and sexual violence it has largely failed to enact or enforce any of them, and services are provided by NGOs, churches and grassroots organisations.

Family, and the traditional welfare network of wantok , also play their parts.

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Might be a little outdated as last I lived there was 20 years ago. Firstly to answer your questions. You have to be wise about which areas not to visit.

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Photo via Pretty Awful Things Once thoroughly smoked, the mummy is coated in clay and red ocher, which act as a natural cocoon, protecting the body from decay and scavengers. The process is now complete and the mummy is ready to go on display. Anga men, women and even babies are mummified using the same method; mummies dating back at least years can still be found in the Morobe Highlands today. During celebrations and events, the mummies might be brought down from the cliffs, only to be returned soon after.

YouTube caption A rare honor is bestowed upon dead Anga warriors — they remain guardians of the village, even after death. One such warrior mummy dates back to World War II — he was bayoneted by the Japanese troops and preserved by the elders. He now stands guard over the Anga tribe, strung up with rope from his bow and arrow.

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Papua New Guinea culture has vast differences from region to region and even from village to village. It is the world’s most diverse country, with more than native tongues.

Find us on East New Britain Province The history of Rabaul is one of wreckage and re-growth and modern historians will find a treasure trove of World War Two relics, tunnels and caverns to explore within driving distance of Rabaul. Close to the now thriving centre of Kokopo, are the remnants of Gunantambu mansion, built in the s by the legendary Queen Emma.

After the eruption of Tavurvur and Vulcan in September , most Rabaul services were relocated in Kokopo, which is strung along the edge of Blanche Bay. The town has grown rapidly and the busy market, selling fresh produce, local cigars and betel nut, is located on the main road from Tokua Airport near Supabake Bakery. The waterfront is the place to find boats for travel to the outer islands or for a spot of fishing.

The drive from the airport, located at Tokua, about an hour from Rabaul, is along a narrow road, winding its way around the glittering waters of the Gazelle Peninsula. Through the coconut trees villages of thatched huts surrounded by colourful flowerbeds and tropical fruit trees look out over calm waters. East New Britain has a fascinating World War 2 history and visitors can explore Japanese caved systems, barged tunnels, aircraft wrecks and submarines. Culture The people of East New Britain are culturally diversified , with rich and unique traditions.

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Estimated recombination parameters r breakpoints per centimorgan and time since admixture [years before present YBP ] Replicated Analysis with a Different Dataset and Method. To substantiate these results and gain additional insights, we also analyzed a different genome-wide dataset 11 consisting of about , SNPs analyzed in 36 individuals from seven populations from Indonesia including two populations from the Moluccas, four populations from the Nusa Tenggaras, and one population from Borneo and 25 individuals from the highlands of Papua New Guinea Methods and Table 2.

In agreement with the Pan-Asia data analysis, principle component analysis PCA for these data shows a cline in the genetic ancestry of East Indonesian populations between Borneo and New Guinea, with Asian ancestry gradually decreasing from west to east across Indonesia Fig. Interestingly, we observe that PC2 is largely driven by differences between the two Moluccas groups who speak Papuan languages and the other groups who speak Austronesian languages.

Next, we estimated ancestry components in each population using the maximum likelihood-based algorithm implemented in the program frappe This notion is also supported by the next analysis, where we compared the admixture rates on the autosomes and the X chromosome in these groups. In agreement with previous studies 7 , we observe a higher frequency of Asian ancestry on the X chromosome relative to the genome-wide estimates, which suggests that the admixture in Eastern Indonesia was sex-biased, with greater contribution from Asian women.

However, this sex-biased pattern of admixture is only seen in the Nusa Tenggaras and not in the Moluccas Fig. Because our samples from the Moluccas come from Papuan-speaking groups, whereas the Nusa Tenggara samples are from Austronesian-speaking groups, this result suggests that sex-related differences in the admixture between Papuan and Austronesian groups are consistent with the hypothesis that the Austronesian groups were matrilocal 19 , We, therefore, estimated the time of Austronesian—Papuan admixture separately for the Nusa Tenggaras and the Moluccas using the wavelet transform method described previously Implications for Austronesian Expansion.

Two important points arise from the admixture time analysis. First, both datasets indicate a cline of decreasing time of admixture across East Indonesia, with oldest time in the west and youngest time in the east. These results strongly suggest that the admixture cline in East Indonesia reflects the spread of individuals of Asian ancestry coming from the west and admixing with resident groups of Papuan ancestry.

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Kato Ottio has died aged He was taken to hospital but fell into a coma and never recovered. Ottio was expected to travel to England next week to get ready for the start of the new Super League season in February having signed for Widnes from the Canberra Raiders in December. It was hard to believe given the age of Kato and how I remembered him here, I am really lost for words,” Stuart said. Advertisement “He was a very respectful young man who appreciated everything we were doing for him here in adjusting to life in Canberra and learning his trade in becoming a professional football player.

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Included are Eumusa and Australimusa species, the giant banana of the highlands, Musa ingens, and the drought tolerant species Ensete glaucum Argent , Simmonds Additionally, there are hundreds of banana varieties grown in plantations and village gardens: Therefore, given the significance of bananas in both natural and cultural landscapes in Papua New Guinea, it is perhaps not so surprising that there is a growing body of evidence in support their early cultivation there Bowdery , Wilson Indeed, new evidence arising from archaeological and palaeoenvironmental studies at Kuk Swamp in the Western Highlands Province suggests a very long history of banana cultivation in Papua New Guinea dating back to at least years ago and possibly as long ago as 10 years Denham et al.

This is the longest record for banana cultivation in the world. Also, other archaeological sites such as Watom Island in East New Britain have additional evidence of banana cultivation dated to approximately BP, a time when people making Lapita pottery lived on the island. In view of the significance of these findings, therefore, especially with regard to origins of plant domestication and agriculture, it has been important to try to find out what kinds of bananas people were growing in the past, and indeed, determine whether these early bananas were cultivars or whether they were just growing wild.

Preliminary studies showed there to be some degree of difference between phytoliths from different types of bananas but more work with additional modern reference material was needed to be certain.

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