Stalag XXA (312) Torun Podgorz (Thorn), Poland

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Who is the 1000 Islands?

Conservation management to arrest declines or increase populations is difficult, because many aspects of the species’ demography remain poorly understood. To address this knowledge gap, we monitored Red-headed Woodpeckers’ nests on Fort Drum Military Installation, in northern New York and modeled daily nest survival rate as a function of temporal and habitat-specific covariates. Our estimates of Red-headed Woodpeckers’ nest survival were lower relative to other portions of their range and suggest that, at local scales, low reproductive rates near the periphery of the species’ distribution may limit population growth.

Miller soldier killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan – Wilson, 19, of Miller, was one of three soldiers killed Monday in a roadside bomb attack in Afghanistan office at Fort Drum, Wilson was an ammunition handler. He joined the Army in February , and after completing training at Fort .

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Why a protest camp in Florida is being called the next Standing Rock

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Home to the 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum is a United States Military Reserve in Jefferson County, New York. The installation is centered in the heart of one of the utmost historical and scenic areas in .

President Obama today announced his intention to nominate New York Rep. John McHugh R as secretary of the army. At an afternoon event at the White House, the president focused on McHugh’s year service on the House Armed Services Committee, on which he is currently ranking member, as experience that “uniquely qualifies him to help led America’s Army. Drum, also noted his personal connections to the army “I grew up in the shadows of Fort Drum, for the last 20 years I’ve worked in concert with those men and women of the communities around that great facility in support of the men and women of the 10th Mountain Division,” McHugh said.

President, that’s why I so deeply appreciate this nomination. John McHugh is President Obama’s choice to be the new secretary of the army, a decision likely to set off an extremely competitive special election for the Republican’s 23rd district House seat.

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Site description[ edit ] Poverty Point is constructed entirely of earthworks. The core of the site measures approximately acres 2. The site also has several mounds both on the outside and inside of the ring earthworks. The name “Poverty Point” came from the plantation which once surrounded the site.

Then we zoom in on a mushroom as it bumps up a bit and makes drum beats. The decide is likely to be doubtful of the defendant and may set a bail amount that takes significant effort to produce. The Oulaw collection can be utilized on an on a regular basis foundation because it has robust rubber soles.

There is no such thing as Agent Orange Yet there were many other colored stripes on hundreds of thousands of gallon drums. All had one thing, Dioxin. This is what is killing those who were exposed. And Dioxin is why the reproductive systems of women and men in uniform pass on to our children and grandchildren. Our DNA is mutated and our immune systems are compromised. Yes both for women and men and in many ways more for women.

The Dioxin, after traveling and destroying each and every organ of our bodies, takes and destroys the reproductive system. And I know the suffering of men who have bore this.

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The proof is in the photos: To accomplish a proper repair, the PDR process requires a trained technician who uses a variety of special tools that gently and slowly push dings and dents back in place. A quality repair requires delicacy, precision and, above all else, patience.

Infineon Technologies offers a wide range of semiconductor solutions, microcontrollers, LED drivers, sensors and Automotive & Power Management ICs.

The first wave occurred around and was a response to fears of an attack by Russia. These installations typically included gun emplacements, pill boxes, fire command or observation posts , camouflage strategies, underground bunkers , sometimes with interconnected tunnels, containing magazines , supply and plotting rooms and protected engine rooms supplying power to the gun turrets and searchlights.

The Uhrshawan Battery dates primarily to the first half of the 19th century. It actually underwent bombardment during the Sino-French War. The cannons are Civil War era. Seacoast defense in the United States The defence of its coasts was a major concern for the United States from its independence. Prior to the American Revolution many coastal fortifications already dotted the Atlantic coast, as protection from pirate raids and foreign incursions.

The Revolution led to the construction of many additional fortifications, mostly comprising simple earthworks erected to meet specific threats.

572nd BEB Trains at Fort Drum Ranges (B-roll)