Tenant sues landlord after jumping from Sydney building

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Your rights as a tenant and how to deal with problem landlords

Mortgage Fraud pdf Protect yourself from being an unwilling participant in mortgage fraud! If you are going to invest in real estate, make sure you are using a licensed mortgage broker who is registered under the Real Estate Act in Alberta. Bill Collection and Debt Repayment pdf Collection agencies collect unpaid debts or locate debtors for others.

Debt repayment agencies charge a fee to negotiate payment arrangements for people who owe money.

The search to find the “right” tenant for most people is an exercise in placing listings and tenant screening that could almost be considered “rental dating”. Here are some tips for avoiding a dud.

Your landlord or agent of the landlord cannot verbally or physically threaten or harass you. Just because he is the landlord, does not mean he is above the law. What You Can Do Keep a log of every incident of harassment. You may need this later if you go to court. Obtain evidence such as witnesses. Videotaping, photographs, and sound recording is allowed where there is not an expectation of privacy.

Write a letter to the landlord demanding that the harassment be stopped. Send the letter with proof of mailing and keep a copy of the letter. Call the police if you feel threatened. You have the right to file for a Restraining Order in Superior Court restricting when your landlord may contact you. You can probably do this without an attorney; if you need help, talk to the Access Center.

If the harassment does not stop and gets worse, you can talk to an attorney about suing your landlord. Landlord Entry Under California Civil Code Section , except for emergencies, a landlord or agent of the landlord can enter your home without your consent only by giving you at least 24 hours written notice and only in the following situations: To make necessary or agreed-upon repairs or improvements.


This can create situations where the perpetrator and survivor are cohabitating, or are very familiar with each other’s homes, lives and schedules, which can create the likelihood for further acts of violence or stalking. In order to ensure her safety and protection, the survivor may want to change her living situation. Problems may arise if the survivor is in a contract such as a lease, and a less than sympathetic landlord demands the survivor to keep to the terms of the contract and continue paying rent.

The landlord may also accidentally or purposefully reveal the survivor’s new address to the abuser, or ignore a personal protection order. When in circumstances like these, the landlord’s actions may actively deter the survivor from escaping an abusive household or relationship, which will continue to threaten her safety. Links have been provided to assist in correspondence with landlords, and further resources are provided that connect survivors with valuable legal and housing resources in Michigan.

If the per­petrator of the domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, or stalking is your co-tenant, you must give your landlord a copy of a restraining order signed by a judge before the landlord can change your locks.

Ohio businessman Ron Kronenberger was charged with assault after allegedly whipping his tenant. He is now accused of attacking a second man An Ohio landlord accused of whipping a tenant with a belt on his bare buttocks for falling behind on his rent – is alleged to have beat another man with a belt and a paddle. He is now accused of beating a second man – who is believed to be mentally disabled – with a belt and a paddle at his office at a supermarket.

This time the accusations came in a lawsuit filed this week in Warren County, according to the Dayton Daily News. Kronenberger is alleged to have attacked the first man in his office on January Police in the village of Waynesville said the year-old was charged with one count of misdemeanor assault stemming from the bizarre altercation in the back office of his supermarket.

According to officials, angered that the tenant had failed to come up with the considerable rent payment, Kronenberger told him that if he was going to act like a child, he would treat him like one.

Fergus Wilson is not one rogue landlord – he’s a window on Britain’s growing housing crisis

Contributed The old Shamrock Bowl on Coxwell and Gerrard is up for rent — and if the right company takes over the lease, the retro bowling alley lane might be spared from destruction. Located above the Goodlife Fitness at Coxwell Ave. The bowling alley received an extensive and well-publicized renovation in , keeping much of the original fixtures and equipment, but closed in Listing agent Peter Knox came across the vacant property when he was looking for something fun to do with his girlfriend, who lives in the area, and saw the sign out front, he said.

Knox asked the landlord if he wanted to sell the building, and he said no, but he would like to lease it — preferably to someone who wants to keep some of the bowling alley fixtures in tact. Instead, interest has come from operators — bowling alley operators and other recreational groups who might want to give the bowling alley another shot at life.

Landlord harassment ny state wachtel, esq., is an attorney and litigator providing stereotactic breast biopsy sitting up consummate representation in new york landlord harassment ny state landlord tenant litigation oh la la dating site and real estate litigation for more.

Landlord and Tenant Law questions answered for tenants and landlords by Ottawa lawyer Michael Thiele. AddThis Can the landlord demand post-dated cheques or money orders? The Residential Tenancies Act is the law that governs residential landlord and tenant relationships and it has specific rules about rent and how it is charged to tenants. With respect to post-dated cheques and other types of automatic payments this is what the law says: A post-dated cheque, or what is meant by this in the contexted of landlord and tenant law is that a landlord will often ask a tenant to provide 12 cheques, all at once for the monthly rent.

The cheques are post-dated, meaning each cheque is dated for the day rent is due in each of the following 12 months. The point of post-dating a cheque is that the cheque isn’t “good” or capable of being cashed until the date on the cheque. Therefore the post-dating prevents the landlord from depositing all of the cheques at once. Note that the language of the Residential Tenancies Act simply provides that a landlord may not “require” a tenant to provide post-dated cheques.

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An annulled marriage is one that is voided back to the beginning, as if it never took place. Divorce decree operates only to terminate the marriage from that point forward and does not affect the former validity of the marriage. Annulment actions can be filed in Civil but we have no paperwork or forms. Either party can do this.

The existence of such a relationship shall be determined based on the consideration of the following factors:

(2) Written notice that is personally delivered to the landlord or tenant, left at the landlord’s rental office, sent by facsimile to the landlord’s residence or rental office or to the tenant’s dwelling unit, or attached in a secure manner to the main entrance of the landlord’s residence or tenant’s dwelling unit.

A Administration fee A payment to cover the costs of processing a property rental application. This is paid by the tenant and will be taken from the initial monies once the tenancy starts. Agent Person or company acting on behalf of the landlord. Agreement fee A payment to cover the costs of drawing up a tenancy agreement. This is usually shared between the landlord and tenant.

Arrears Money that is due but remains unpaid by a tenant in whole or in part after the date specified in the tenancy agreement. It covers a fixed period, so both parties know the date the property will be vacated. Integer feugiat, nunc eu venenatis porttitor, tellus tortor sagittis enim, sed viverra mauris diam vel sem. Maecenas ac orci ipsum. Nunc pellentesque purus at neque mattis consectetur.


This means that the court will move forward with the case very quickly, and the Tenant has a short time to respond to the lawsuit. Instead of waiting months for a judge to hear the case, the Landlord and Tenant can appear before the local court relatively soon after the Landlord files a complaint. Eviction Notice California 3. If the tenant is late paying rent , there are a number of procedures a landlord can follow.

Nov 25,  · My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: California So I have a situation that is confusing the heck out of me. I’m looking forward to see what others think of it and what kind of “game” my landlord is playing.

This is an excerpt from the Landlord-Tenant Law in Oregon booklet. This booklet and all Resources referred to below are available on this website. It is for general educational use only. It is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. If you have a specific legal question, you should contact an attorney. The information included here is accurate as of March Please remember that the law is always changing through the actions of the courts, the legislature, and agencies.

Under state and federal laws there are time limits for taking action to enforce your rights. Most lawsuits related to the rental agreement and the Oregon Residential Landlord and Tenant Act must be filed started in court within one year of the incident. There may be other — shorter — time limits that apply in other cases.

How to avert a rental void in a buy-to-let property

Comments Tenant rights are more important than you probably realise and the first step towards protecting your rights as a tenant is to know what those rights are. Without knowing these rights, you put yourself at the mercy of landlords and caretakers in Nigeria Before we delve into your rights as a tenant, let us start by establishing who a tenant is within the ambit of the law as well as the real estate space.

Who is a Tenant?

Mar 04,  · Florida Statute § (2) allows a landlord to evict a tenant for violating terms of the lease or other rules (such as building rules & regulations).

The judge ordered the city to vacate outstanding liens on registered rental properties since , when PGW began using a computerized lien-management system that automatically placed to liens a day on properties. The city also was ordered to refund all money it collected from landlord liens since May, when Joyner placed a temporary injunction in place. In some cases, landlords learned of the liens only after their deadbeat tenants were long gone.

Joyner declared the case a class action in November, meaning that it would apply to all landlords, not just the five property owners who brought the lawsuit in Grogan, who with his law partner Irv Ackelsberg filed the suit. The city is expected to appeal the decision. Unlike investor-owned utilities, PGW as a government agency has the authority to place liens on property for unpaid bills. Liens are legal encumbrances that remain in place until they are paid off, often when the property is sold.

The lawsuit did not seek to recover damages from the city beyond the amounts listed in the liens.

Can a landlord limit a tenants visitors?

The tenant may be making a concerted effort to break the lease by making complaints regarding the property condition, mold, a sexual predator moving nearby, disturbances from neighbors, safety fears, or anything else the tenant can come up with. The reasons may actually be legitimate, but often the tenant simply wants to move for an unrelated reason.

The landlord can take a hard line position and refuse to allow the tenant to break the lease and potentially face an even more concerted effort by the tenant, or worse yet, litigation may be threatened or instituted. If a tenant really wishes to break a lease, he simply will. Nothing can force a tenant to remain on the premise for the balance of the lease, and collecting monetary damages from a tenant who has vacated prior to the end of the lease is often hopeless.

Dating can be every bit as challenging as managing property. It’s good to know, up front, the type of person you’re dealing with. The initial telephone interview with a prospective resident sets the stage for the landlord/tenant relationship. Posted in Fair Housing, Property Management Tips .

What can landlords do to mitigate against this risk? It is far easier to keep existing tenants than to find new ones Mark Harris, SPF Private Clients To maximise the chances of the property being tenanted full-time, it is crucial to get things right from the start. That means choosing the right location, good marketing and presenting the property in the right way.

If your property is well located, highlight this. Start marketing early Landlords should start marketing the property at least six to eight weeks before the current tenants move out and get exposure on as many websites as possible — including Rightmove and free sites such as Gumtree or OpenRent. The price must be right In a price-sensitive market where tenants have lots of choice, it is crucial to get the price right.

Set it 5pc too high and tenants will look elsewhere. Renew contracts without delay Avoid the contract becoming periodic — which usually happens when a fixed term ends and the tenancy runs from month to month — by renewing the tenancy agreement every time it expires. A good, proactive letting agent should manage the end of one tenancy and line up the next one with minimum delay. Paul Sloan, lettings operations director at Spicerhaart, says: If the property is in a converted building, the communal areas — which are so often neglected — need to look similarly enticing.

It can also get a tenancy off to a good start to leave a welcome basket filled with all the things that will make life easier for the tenant when they first arrive, from tea bags to washing-up liquid.

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